Our clients are good people with an entrepreneurial spirit and a talent for business. They're passionate about what they do, have high standards, and treat others with respect. They consider their employees family. They're mothers, fathers, wives, entrepreneurs, husbands, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, bosses, athletes, photographers, creators, adventurers, and achievers. They're the kind of people who make things happen. To them, being a successful business owner isn't about the money. What keeps them going through the hard times and 16 hour days is the desire to do what's right and create something sustainable that betters their family, their employees, and their community.

That's precisely how we feel. We are a creative of group marketing experts, designers, front-end web developers, writers, and business strategists with a shared passion for empowering good people to achieve great things. We're also mothers, wives, entrepreneurs, husbands, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, bosses, athletes, photographers, creators, adventurers, and, well, you get the idea. Each of us brings our unique talents, experience, and ideas to the table to create and implement proven growth strategies that help our incredible clients grow, expand, and achieve their specific goals.

NIna- Designer & Developer Extraodinaire

Our company Co-Founder and Designer/Developer Extraordinaire is the technical super glue that keeps everything in our organization and in our client’s marketing lives running as smoothly as the gourmet chocolate she loves so much. We have yet to throw a challenge at her that she can’t handle. She’s a self-taught marketing powerhouse who consumes every article, technical web class (the kind that puts the rest of us to sleep), and relevant bit of research she can find. She keeps our clients happy, so we keep her happy cause we’ll never get by without her.

Gina – Copywriter, Client Happiness Coordinator & Social Media Expert

As our Copywriter, Client Happiness Coordinator, and Social Media Expert – we’ve come to rely heavily on Gina. She’s uncommonly skilled in weaving words together and finding new ways to help the brands we work with engage with their customers. Her minimalist style carries over into her copywriting work, which is part of what makes her so good at brand storytelling! One of the kindest, most caring and unpretentious people we know, Gina’s got a “hippie” streak a mile long and loves to get lost in pages of holistic health research in her free time. Her other passions include playing piano, and completely immersing herself in foreign countries while traveling.



Expertise: Web Development
Location: Michigan, USA
Serving our Clients: Globally

Nathan Lyle has a BS in Network Computing from Northern Michigan University, and is the owner of My Web Maestro, a Michigan based web design and development company. He has been making the Web do useful things since the late 1990's. We’ve relied on his technical expertise and coding experience for years. When a web project calls for something beyond the ordinary, it’s Nate we turn to.