Our clients are good people with an entrepreneurial spirit and a talent for business. They're passionate about what they do, have high standards, and treat others with respect. They consider their employees family. They're mothers, fathers, wives, entrepreneurs, husbands, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, bosses, athletes, photographers, creators, adventurers, and achievers. They're the kind of people who make things happen. To them, being a successful business owner isn't about the money. What keeps them going through the hard times and 16 hour days is the desire to do what's right and create something sustainable that betters their family, their employees, and their community.

That's precisely how we feel. We are a creative of group marketing experts, designers, front-end web developers, writers, and business strategists with a shared passion for empowering good people to achieve great things. We're also mothers, wives, entrepreneurs, husbands, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, bosses, athletes, photographers, creators, adventurers, and, well, you get the idea. Each of us brings our unique talents, experience, and ideas to the table to create and implement proven growth strategies that help our incredible clients grow, expand, and achieve their specific goals.

TRISHA - Lead strategist and marketing wizard

Trish is our Company Co-Founder and Lead Marketing Strategist. If you work with us, you’re likely to work directly with her. As our globe-trotting marketing leader, this lady never stops. (We swear she’s got an electric motor buried in that non-stop brain of hers somewhere.) She earned her marketing chops by owning her own catalog, clothing line & online company. It was there, while working with the best marketing minds available, that she learned the difference between marketing that looks good and marketing that sells. While there are few things that can distract her brain from perfecting someone’s marketing plan or keeping abreast of the latest technologies and trends–motorcycles, travel and vintage clothes will usually do the trick. When she bores us with too much insider “marketing” talk, we bring up one of these topics and make our escape. (But don’t tell her we said that!)

NIna- Designer & Developer Extraodinaire

Our company Co-Founder and Designer/Developer Extraordinaire is the technical super glue that keeps everything in our organization and in our client’s marketing lives running as smoothly as the gourmet chocolate she loves so much. We have yet to throw a challenge at her that she can’t handle. She’s a self-taught marketing powerhouse who consumes every article, technical web class (the kind that puts the rest of us to sleep), and relevant bit of research she can find. She keeps our clients happy, so we keep her happy cause we’ll never get by without her.

Bridget - graphic designer, blogger, & resident artist

Bridget is our Resident Artist and Graphic Designer. Her love of travel and nomadic spirit shine through in her graphics and copywriting work. We rely on her for more than just graphic design, and she pulls through every time. The only thing we can’t ask her to do is go without coffee. And we never do. (There may or may not be a village in Ireland that is still suffering... well...nevermind...) As a vital member of our team, our in-house creative genius is the one who puts the shine and polish on everything you and your clients see, regardless of where she’s practicing her craft. The more creativity the project calls for, the more this nomadic genius shines.

Ruth - administrative boss, chief organizer, company musician

Ruth is our Chief Administrative Coordinator in charge of, well–us. Her job is to keep this organization organized. She came to us with a skill set that's perfect for the job, and there's no doubt we put those skills to the test. Fortunately, she's creative enough to rise to the occasion and keep things running like a well-oiled machine even as we grow. Plus she's got a stubborn streak that ensures there's no challenge she can't overcome. Besides her work skills, she's an incredibly gifted musician. If she's not making music, you're likely to find her flying through the woods on her favorite horse.

Robby – Project Manager & Client Liaison

Although we tease Robby being our 'diversity hire' on a team that otherwise consists of only women, he's an absolutely essential addition to our team! His arrival has brought invaluable insight, bold ideas, the ability to streamline our processes, and so much more. Rob is one of those smart athletic types who seems to be good at everything he tries his hand at. When he's not at work ensuring things are moving along smoothly, you can probably catch him out surfing, doing insane flips while cliff jumping, or simply enjoying life with his beautiful wife and son in the great Pacific Northwest.

Gina – Copywriter, Client Happiness Coordinator & Social Media Expert

As our Copywriter, Client Happiness Coordinator, and Social Media Expert – we’ve come to rely heavily on Gina. She’s uncommonly skilled in weaving words together and finding new ways to help the brands we work with engage with their customers. Her minimalist style carries over into her copywriting work, which is part of what makes her so good at brand storytelling! One of the kindest, most caring and unpretentious people we know, Gina’s got a “hippie” streak a mile long and loves to get lost in pages of holistic health research in her free time. Her other passions include playing piano, and completely immersing herself in foreign countries while traveling.



Expertise: Web Development
Location: Michigan, USA
Serving our Clients: Globally

Nathan Lyle has a BS in Network Computing from Northern Michigan University, and is the owner of My Web Maestro, a Michigan based web design and development company. He has been making the Web do useful things since the late 1990's. We’ve relied on his technical expertise and coding experience for years. When a web project calls for something beyond the ordinary, it’s Nate we turn to.


Expertise: Photography
Location: Washington, USA
Serving Our Clients: Locally

When we need professional photo services for our clients in the Pacific Northwest, it’s Kris we turn to. She’s a part-time photographer, but a full-time genius behind the camera. What drew her to the art of photography is connecting with people. Her unique ability to engage with people and make them feel comfortable in front of the camera yields some fantastic results, especially in professional settings where it can be a real challenge.


Expertise: Translation Services
Location: Finland
Serving our Clients: Globally

As a child, Bertta’s dream was to master the English language, visit the United States, meet new people, and immerse herself in American culture. She learned English in school as many Finnish students do, but her drive to pursue her dreams pushed her to study the language on her own. She’s made many visits to the United States, and every new word encountered was mastered. Now she uses English every day, and her fluency makes conversations quite natural. Her passion for languages, her desire to pursue a career in marketing, and her wonderful sense of humor make her a perfect fit for our team.