We are a cross-disciplined collective of designers, front-end web developers, writers, and business strategists, hailing from the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Each of us brings unique talent, experience, and ideas to the table, creating the perfect harmonious blend of marketing expertise.

TRISHA - Lead strategist and marketing wizard

Trish is our Company Co-Founder and Lead Marketing Strategist. If you work with us, you’re likely to work directly with her. As our globe-trotting marketing leader, this lady never stops. (We swear she’s got an electric motor buried in that non-stop brain of hers somewhere.) She earned her marketing chops by owning her own catalog, clothing line & online company. It was there, while working with the best marketing minds available, that she learned the difference between marketing that looks good and marketing that sells. While there are few things that can distract her brain from perfecting someone’s marketing plan or keeping abreast of the latest technologies and trends–motorcycles, travel and vintage clothes will usually do the trick. When she bores us with too much insider “marketing” talk, we bring up one of these topics and make our escape. (But don’t tell her we said that!)

NIna- Designer & Developer Extraodinaire

Our company Co-Founder and Designer/Developer Extraordinaire is the technical super glue that keeps everything in our organization and in our client’s marketing lives running as smoothly as the gourmet chocolate she loves so much. We have yet to throw a challenge at her that she can’t handle. She’s a self-taught marketing powerhouse who consumes every article, technical web class (the kind that puts the rest of us to sleep), and relevant bit of research she can find. She keeps our clients happy, so we keep her happy cause we’ll never get by without her.

Bridget - graphic designer, blogger, & resident artist

Bridget is our Resident Artist and Graphic Designer. Her love of travel and nomadic spirit shine through in her graphics and copywriting work. We rely on her for more than just graphic design, and she pulls through every time. The only thing we can’t ask her to do is go without coffee. And we never do. (There may or may not be a village in Ireland that is still suffering... well...nevermind...) As a vital member of our team, our in-house creative genius is the one who puts the shine and polish on everything you and your clients see, regardless of where she’s practicing her craft. The more creativity the project calls for, the more this nomadic genius shines.