How to Get Online Reviews

When you consider the fact that 88% of customers trust online reviews just as they would a personal recommendation from a friend, It’s clear that your online reviews are important to the success of your business. Here’s how to get the reviews you need for your business to thrive.



Do Good Work!

Good work means good reviews. Drop hints early on how important reviews are to the growth of your business. Take all feedback to heart and be sure to follow through on changes.

Claim Profiles

Oftentimes when you don’t take the time to set up business pages yourself, someone will add them for you. Be sure to claim your business profiles on all review sites right from the start.

Be Tactful

When you ask someone to leave a review, you’re asking them to put their credibility and reputation on the line in order to endorse you. Be understanding and don’t treat it lightly.

Time it Right

Wait to ask for any review until any post-sale issues have been resolved. You want your reviewers to have a positive business experience fresh in their minds.

Just Ask!

This step may seem a bit obvious, but if you don’t ask, you won’t get your reviews. Some great ways to request reviews are by email, in-person, in a social media post, in reply to a positive social media comment, over the phone, and even by text.

Make it Easy

When someone says they’ll leave a review, make it as easy as possible for them. Give them a link directly to the review site to make the whole process simple and painless for them.

Give Incentives

If your industry allows, reward those who leave reviews for your business. Just make sure that you’re rewarding all feedback and not just paying for positive reviews.

Ask Again

A customer agreed to help, but hasn’t submitted a review yet. We’re all human and forget things sometimes! Don’t hesitate to reach back out and give a gentle reminder.

Say Thank You

Show your appreciation to those who leave reviews! A little gratitude through a quick note, a call, or even a $5 gift card goes a long way. Do something to show you’re grateful for their help.

Do Good Work!

As you go through this process and learn what works best for your business, make adjustments where necessary as you go, and turn this into a repeatable process.

Once you’ve crossed each of these tips off of your list, you’ve set yourself up for some great organic growth. To learn more about the next steps of the process which include creating great content, using subtle marketing, and more, see our article on How to Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach.

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